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           "Customization" is a product, a service, and a high-end, professional, and personalized service. Nowadays, the demand of the market is becoming more and more high-end and diverse. The structural design of buildings has broken the traditional architectural mode with the changes of the times. The unique shape structure has become more and more popular. However, under the unique building structure, the conventional electric basket can not be used normally to complete a series of work. In this case, only the customized electric basket can meet the basic needs of customers.
Xinghe has a superb technical team. In addition to providing standard electric hanging baskets, it can also design various special-shaped hanging baskets and special-shaped hanging frames according to the unique structure of the building or according to the drawings provided by customers to meet the special needs of customers. . During the installation and use of the special-shaped hanging basket, the company's after-sales personnel will guide the installation according to the customer's needs to ensure the normal installation and use of the customer.


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