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The electric basket is a high-rise work decoration equipment. Its quality is related to its service life and the safety of the work of the operators, which directly affects the economic benefits of the leasing company. How can I protect my legal rights and protect my eyes when I buy an electric basket? This requires us to have a certain understanding of the basket. At present, there are many manufacturers of hanging baskets, but the prices are very different.
First, the price difference: the same type of basket, due to the manufacturer's material selection and processing technology, surface treatment and configuration, so the price gap is far. Generally, the difference is about 1000~4000 yuan, like a car, the same is running on the road, different brands or different brands of the same brand, the price is very different.
Second, the model selection: buy electric baskets to choose the right model according to their use. This will not only meet the safety requirements but also cause economic losses to our wrong model.
1. ZLP630 type is usually used for exterior wall cleaning, heat preservation, tiling, glass curtain wall or aluminum composite panel installation.
2, large glass curtain wall, especially vacuum glass installation or dry hanging marble, choose ZLP800 row hanging basket is more appropriate.
The diversification of the product market of large enterprises distracts the attention of manufacturers from a certain product to varying degrees, while the professional medium-sized enterprises have more energy to improve the products and continuously improve the quality of products and after-sales. In addition, some manufacturers carry out OEM production (only production of elevators and work platforms, outsourcing security locks, or only production work platforms, and lifts and security locks are completely outsourced, etc.), once the upstream supply chain breaks, it will Inconvenience or end of the sale. Therefore, when choosing a gondola, don't just look at the financial strength of a company, but also integrate various factors to judge its quality and after-sales guarantee.


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